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Homework Help: So we're studying rutherford scattering in my nuclear physics class and I'm just lost

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    well I can follow the math and derive the things I'm about to ask about and do problems asked of me but I'm kinda missing something, I guess

    Can someone just give me a fairly layman's explanation of: cross-section, differential cross-section, and a solid angle? Those are all things I thought were something else and trying to look deeper into it just confuses me. Like, if the differential cross section was what I thought it was it'd behave differently than it does, which means I'm thinking of it wrong:(
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    Andrew Mason

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    Cross -section is a measurement of the area that the incoming particle must strike in order to deflect at any angle within a given range (ie it will deflect within a particular solid angle). The differential cross section is the area for which the incoming particle will deflect at a particular angle.

    The cross-section is obtained by integrating the differential cross-section over all angles within the given range.

    For help on tricky solid angles, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid_angle" [Broken].

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