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So who can tell me what should I do?

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    so here I am again. this time i will take this place as ranting ground so i hope you guys wont mind. a little background: i am good in physics, mathematics and quite well in chem. i got the result that's probably top 15% in Malaysia (4A in stpm if you guys know, the A level equivalent). sorry if this sounded like i'm boasting =). Anyway, due to luck or chance, i went into a not so great university here in Malaysia. I better stop naming it, but it's suffice to mention that there's only a few great lecturers here (yes they're REALLY GREAT!). Anyway so i got an interest in theoretical physics and mathematics. However the situation here: lecturers are underpaid, society which is money driven, people comparing paycheck drove me round. There are people saying with my 'capability' i should've done something like actuarial science to earn the bucks, etc etc. Anything except being a lecturer/researcher in theoretical physics.

    I would really like to listen to comments for those who are in the physics field. is it really so hard to get a job as theoretical physics? i know i probably wont be as rich as some actuaries. but is it really so bad? should i instead think of going to other fields?

    in fact i even thought of going into other fields such as computational engineering, EE, applied physics (those sitting in the lab), alternative energy (solar cells? biopetrol?) etc.

    my final year project was not close to any theoretical physics i would like (theoretical solid state phy). I seems to like stuff like relativity or qm. anyway the final year project was pretty discouraging and currently i even doubt if i really like theoretical physics (other than the numbers, geekiness and capability to understand nature in it's naked form). Can anyone from theoretical physics field enlighten me about what you guys are doing, and how exciting are they?

    btw i'm a physics degree holder. i am not hoping any forumer to make a decision for me. i just hope to listen some comments and perhaps decision by you guys if you are in my position. thanks =)
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