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Social Activities and Church

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    Church is a good place to know people from different professions. I know some friends , they are church-goers, they get jobs through intriduction , know girlfriends / boyfriends until marry etc.,
    actually, not all church goers are serious about spiritual thing, they just treat it as social activity, to mix around!

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    It is also a way to accumulate a political power base...
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    And that is exactly my problem with Church. If you do not go, your not welcome in the social activity, or allowed to befriend anyone from the church.

    The people such as you speak of are really as worse if not more so then a professed atheist. Atleast the atheist is honest, whereas the average church goer simply pulls the wool over his own eyes.
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    Children can have a hard time too if they don't participate in sunday scool, vacation bible class, mission trips, etc. The pressure to conform is enormous.
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    Are not the Mormons excellent examples of this. I understand that they can be quite open about approaching a business owner and telling him that if he will join the church they will guarantee he gets business.
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