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Social disease

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    This title is implying the vast disease of society now a days.. the TV goers, leisure time wasters, etc...

    It also refers to the diseases in society... the vast spreading numbers of STDs and such...

    Also SARs in China (my homeland) and who in the world implanted that deadly stuff in my country... btw, if no one knows, SARs broke out again, the caretaker of a child (his mother) died from the new SARs outbreak... I suspect it might get to full blown SARs craze again in the summer time... I think they did this because they want SARs to remain in China so that the Olympics can be held elsewhere... i could be wrong, but check out the top competators...

    Anyways... the theme of disease is widespread in the literatures I was made to read this year... It was good literature, I liked it, I suggest Heart of Darkness... The disease is existant in the mind as well as the society, souls of people, the air... the air...

    Some feedback would be nice.
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    Right, disease as metaphor is a big thing in 20th century literature. Try Camus' The Plague.
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    Virus of the Mind

    You might like the "Virus of the Mind". Its a book about memetic diseases I think. I have only skimmed it but own it.
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    Earth Abides is a pretty famous worldwide-virus disaster book.
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    Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain is a good book; I think it made Crichton famous (at least for me!). I am not sure I know how to pronounce his last name either, "Cry-hh-tunn"?

    Then there was a movie, Outbreak (with Dusty Hoffman), based on a disease having to do with monkeys. That was a few years ago.

    Come to think of it, War of the Worlds is a disease movie -- only this time it works to save humans, for a change.

    The Island is a disease-themed movie but the disease turns out to be fictional in the movie's story.

    That's 2 out of how many of this summer's big budget movies? Five, or six? Hmmm... Does anyone else see a trend here?

    Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown has a book titled "Deception Point." Again, it's a story-within-a-story about an alien organism.
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    Just read Clancy's "Rainbow Six". But any discussion of domsday virus would be incomplete without mention of Steven King's "The Stand". The virus doesn't get the starring role, but it does make up nearly all of the setting.
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