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Social life - is it important

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    Hello, I am a very introverted person and usually enjoy one or two close friends. My whole school life I perhaps had just 2 or 3 close friends.
    In college ofcouse I lost in touch of them and was all lonely. But it didn't mind me. I was busy in my studies and enjoying it.

    This month I had my vacation and visited my cousins after a long time. My sisters showed such love and care for me that now that I returned home I feel a growing urge to have some close friends, hang out and share things.

    I don't know why I am no longer happy with no close friends and no social life. I want to return to my previous state when I was happy alone. Is it really important to have close friends?
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    In my opinion, being alone for a spell can be a great way to get things done, but for the overwhelming majority social interaction will turn in from a want to a need at some point.

    Into The Wild might be a good movie for you to check out, it kind of deals with the whole being alone for a long time thing.
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    Being alone is different than being lonely. Humans are naturally social animals. We aren't too good completely by ourselves. We are always changing. You can't go back to who you were before. Figure out who you are now and what makes you happy now. Then accept it and adjust accordingly.
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    Does having IRC open on a monitor count as a social life?
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    Why can't I return to who I was earlier? The need to have some close friends(especially a girlfriend) scares me. I think it will disturb my studies. Long I have avoided going into relationships just to make my studies smooth but now its almost irresistible.
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    If you feel the need to create more relationships with people, why would you hold yourself back? In general, socializing more is natural for humans and healthy.
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