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Social Philosophy

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    I am interested in learning about the social progress of the United States and other countries. Specifically, I would like to have the following questions answered:
    1. How has television, internet influenced our society's way of thinking (even in the post subtle ways)
    2. How is the social role concept established (i.e., where do social "states of mind" originate? For example, teenagers in general tend to be more into fashion and the like. What influences this? tv, entertainment industry. Why does the entertainment industry do this? To make money? What other factors go into social states of mind? Is the entertainment industry having such success in popularizing fashion because it makes people feel happier to be fashionable? What brought about that state of mind? Is it the constant exposure to seeing [on tv for example] people happy about fashion, making light hearted jokes about fashion, slowly expressing its importance in the occupational world as well as in the social realm? Also, is our society today more prone to being influenced by light hearted things like fashion [which amoung other things I have randomly chosen as an example] and makeup because of the stress and high demands we are exposed to with jobs and school as well as social stresses? )
    3. How is the change in ethics and morals and other general social opinions related to industrial, economical, environmental change?

    And lastly, does the term "social philosophy" agree with the subject of my inquiries?

    --Thank you :smile:
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    BTW, if anyone can reccomend a book that will enlighten me on the aforementioned subject, I would appreciate it.

    thanks again
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    I cannot recommend a particular book, only that you browse books about sociology and mass media. You may want to post this in the social sciences forum- they can likely be of more help. Even question 3 is easier to address from a 'cognitive science' perspective IMHO- whatever it's worth ;)
    Happy thoughts
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