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Social science of time-

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    hello, i am relatively new to the physics forum, yet i feel it's activity will draw me here for somewhile in time notwithstanding the state i percieve transitioning time itself in the eyes of humanity

    bringing me to my subject, i'd like to open the storm gates of the brains potentialities the same for exploration of a new social science which touches a core train of thought dealing with any social phenomena, science or otherwise, and extends a physics theory also

    the main game i am inviting rational inquiry to is called the Law of Time - most appropriately it is the Scientific Discovery of the Law of Time

    Time, would time be relative to social science?
    for what would we have to organize our efforts in debate of or in reference to social phenomena if not time?
    do we know enough about time to progress in our efforts without a decline in our processes, or a stagnation in them if at all possible with the current preception/acceptation of it(time)?

    The Law of Time states that time is the frequency of synchronicity

    the main tools we have for measuring time on a general scale are the mechanical cessium clock and the calendar-
    it might be said that these tools allow for us to pursue our interests in social science-
    on a deeper, more intuitive note, the binary progression of day/night may provide for some an experience of cyclic regeneration all to absent in the clock and the calendar-

    the idea of Synchronicity is one of a social phenomena in which humanity is getting an intuitive boost and directive manifestation from chance happenings, or co-incidental meetings, or life-changing/transformational information exchange-

    some may consider Synchronicity to be a philisophical doctrine, not holding water in an accepted sciecntific sence-

    the Scientific Discovery of the Law of Time bridges Albert Einstien's theory that time is the fourth-dimension with an actuall blueprint/experiment for establishing it's existance beyond what has previously been known

    The Law of Time states that that as Time is the frequency of synchronicity, the purpose of 'calendars' is to increase this frequency, and if they don't increase the frequency, they are not performing thier highest function-

    as a social science- the word 'caledar' comes from the root calends which is the name of the ancient roman account book, to collect debts at the end/beginning of the incriments of days called months-
    insight into the meaning of this word (calendar) alone could raise certain questions about the state of mind of social science touching the root of our attentive efforts at creating a more positive world through social means as a science-

    of course Time is Money in the accepted train of thought-mode of most of humanity- yet it is beeing changed in my opinion by the righteous people who get the insight into the Law of Time and explore it's conclusions however differing they are compared to anything presently avaliable, or accepted-

    the ideas that humanity is living in an artificial frequency and perpetualting an actual anachronistic timing sensibility are the conclutions of the Law of Time-

    the 13 moon calendar is a new social paradigm for the creative evolution of intelligence on planet earth-

    please explore the links for further info

    and please pursue this social science of collective reason-




    Peace & Music,
    David talks in the clouds
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