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Social Sciences and Their Visions

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    Most people have looked in vain to history for some explanation of themselves. It appears that meaning was not to be found in theology, the social sciences or indeed in the humanities. Some suggested we would be best to look within ourselves and that seemed to make sense, since the notion of the Real Me had been popular for some time. But this was fraught with problems of egotism, a radical subjectivity, a simplistic pragmatism that avoided serious thought and often resulted in a do-your-own-thing vacuity. Then someone talked about the dream of that city on the hill and that we should rivet the eyes of the world on that city. Having failed with so many other cities, secular and sacred, some of the people were skeptical. Was this city the genuine article? It involved the fulfillment of an ancient covenant. It just might be the real thing. -Ron Price, 1:25 pm, Tuesday, 23 January, Rivervale WA. :surprised

    This hill is fit for pearls
    and diamonds for young girls,
    a freshness here, pristine loveliness,
    although it is a place of thrones.
    So, if your heart aches
    with a numbness at what
    the world makes, cast your eyes
    to this melodious plot of apple green
    with emerald sheen and enjoy
    a full-throated ease
    far removed from weariness,
    fever and fret
    and hearing humans groan.

    I will fly to thee and climb your hill
    on these viewless wings, these words,
    however perplexed my brain may be;
    in the tender night with the moon,
    the stars for guides and in day
    the firey sun will lead me straight
    to thee, as if blown on breezes
    sent across my wild and winding ways.

    I have yet to see the flowers at your feet,
    nor smell the soft fragrance from your boughs.
    I have often tasted death along the way
    and wished it take away my silent breath,
    but now I wish to live beyond midnight
    so that I may pour forth my soul and sing
    but not in vain. For I was not born for death
    but to hear, to see, to feel the sweet ecstacies
    of the most beautiful gardens in the world
    on the consecrated Spot where are arrayed
    the trees of especial lives and a consecrated joy:
    this is no dream; this is vision in mid-stream.

    Ron Price
    23 January 1996
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