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News Socialism Was Not Big Mistake

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    Socialism was not big mistake in popular countries like china , USSR.

    Are you agree with this ???
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    No, I do not agree with that.
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    anybody can explain briefly
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    Because it was bad.

    If you want to get an argument beyond that, then you should argue for your own view.
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    Socialism a flawed ideal that does not align with human nature.
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    Sounds like a homework question to me...
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    Yes, because they tried to implement a socialist model and failed miserably, both in implementing what is a socialist model and getting a model that was pseudo socialist to work. What would have happened had they actually implemented a socialist model is a matter of conjecture, since it's never really been tried. Closest you'd get is Cuba I think.

    That said it works rather well in moderation, same can be said of right wing politics, which is why I'm a either or neither man. Both are good concepts in moderation.

    If it is a homework question then google is your friend. There's about 8 billion tonnes of stuff about this sort of thing on wiki alone.
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    Certainly the way it was implemented was a big mistake - or rather a crime against humanity. Socialism or communism were never realized because a small minority of folks hijacked the system and simply replaced on older imperial/totalitarian system with a new one. The Russian Communist Party and leader (e.g. Stalin) simply replaced the old Imperial system, and while the lives of some were improved, the lives of many were not and millions died (Stalin's purges). Similarly in China, Mao and the Chinese Communist Party simply replaced the Emperor and older Imperial system, and again millions perished.
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    Just ask the people who went through it. They call it seventy years on the road to nowhere. Putin said "Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain." Do you want it back?
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    Hehe preaching to the converted, there. :smile: I think everyone agrees Russia and China's socialism were a disaster for its people.
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    I think the answer your teacher is looking for is "if they didn't try communism, we would still wonder whether or not it works"

    In the other 99% of socialist countries, it has worked.
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    Socialism is a mistake. It is terrible at allocating resources and atrophies productivity.
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