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Socks in the Dryer

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    In the dryer were one pair wool socks, one pair black polypropylene, and a dozen or so cotton socks. Each white wool sock was stuck to one black polypro sock. Each pair was folded onto one another in a sort of coil.

    Benjamin Franklin defined wool as positive, so polypro is negative.
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    I've seen a chart of sorts for levels of "static reactivity" or whatever its called but the further apart on the list the more static "power" they have. I think it has like glass, leather, wool, etc.
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    I am fairly certain that a black hole exists in everyone's dryer that occasionally sucks up just ONE sock and dumps it out onto some random highway somewhere along the west coast of the USA. I've seen so many single socks along so many highways just laying there all lost and forlorn. :oldbiggrin:
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    I'm sure it has been called before now' non-conservation of parity'.
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    Looking up static reactivity there was something about neutron scattering. Maybe the cotton socks acted as a moderator.

    Another list seemed to say that human skin had more tendency to become positively charged than anything else except air. Maybe there really is something to the health aspect of it. Neutral materials like cotton are quite rare. The most negative is silicon rubber.
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    No, it's ebonite that is found most negatively charged in an triboeletric effect. Silicon rubber is only ranked second from the bottom.:biggrin:
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    Or a catalyst, like a spin-foam twist inducer..
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