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Socrates,Confusius,and Thomas Hobbes.

  1. Mar 23, 2003 #1
    Socrates,Confuius and thomas hobbes were all right in a sense.
    Socrates-pursuit of knowledge even in the face of opposition.
    Confusius-"Learn as if you were running and cannot catch up, though you were frighted of losing.
    Thomas Hobbes-"knowledge is power"
    If one was running (in a race) they will have opposition, one will learn therefore attaining knowledge. One will not run the race unless it gives some sort of power, hence knowledge is power.
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    If Hobbes said "knowledge is power", he was wrong. Knowledge is only power if it is used. If it is not used, it is nothing but a hobby. Applied knowledge is power.
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    If knowledge is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then absolute knowledge that knowledge is power corrupts absolutely.

    For such an empowered guy, Socrates did not avoid the executioner. Hobbes as well lived in tremendous fear of the Catholic Church and held his tongue while for such admirerers of knowledge, Confucians had a lot of people silenced forever. Eventually, the Confucians as well were wiped out by the communists who preferred the basic necessities of survival to supporting the continuing growth of Confucian knowledge.
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    Wonderfully put!
  6. Mar 23, 2003 #5
    Correct. And applied knowledge = wisdom, so it should read "Wisdom is power".
  7. Mar 24, 2003 #6
    "knowledge is power". Thomas Hobbes is still right, when one attain knowledge they will use it in order in get power.
  8. Mar 27, 2003 #7
    Turtle, I have spent my entire life gaining knowledge, and have never used it to gain power. It is perhaps more logical for Hobbes to have said, "knowledge can be power".
  9. Mar 27, 2003 #8
    Mentat, maybe you did use it and did not even know it.
  10. Mar 27, 2003 #9
    Oh, I use the knowledge that I gain, but that doesn't mean that I use it to gain power.
  11. Mar 27, 2003 #10
    Besides, I don't think that Hobbes meant that you use knowledge to attain power, I think he meant that knowledge itself is a type of power.
  12. Mar 27, 2003 #11
    Of course he meant that it is a type of power. But like all powers people use it. The more knowledge one has the more powerful they will be.
  13. Mar 28, 2003 #12
    Knowledge is power - only if it's used . . .

    So how does one find out how to use knowledge properly? By seeking more knowledge ('meta-knowledge'?) of course!

    So it's knowledge (turtles?:wink:) all the way down . . .
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    Power = work x time

    And not just in physics.
  15. Mar 31, 2003 #14
    In real life, it seems that:

    power = {work you don't have to do}x{time you can get others to do such work for you}
  16. Mar 31, 2003 #15
    Thanks for this classic example of syllogistic fallacy. You use separate meanings of a single word to convey a message that does not follow from the premises. The first "absolute" (power) used means "complete and unhindered", while the second (knowledge) means "definite".
  17. Mar 31, 2003 #16
    That knowledge empowers you to do things.
  18. Apr 1, 2003 #17
    But that "power" is still just potential. IOW, I don't have to do anything with it, I simply can.
  19. Apr 2, 2003 #18
    You do use it in some way, Why would someone learn something and hide it away?
  20. Apr 2, 2003 #19
    Someone can have any number of reasons for gaining knowledge and hiding it away. Just because one shouldn't do this, doesn't mean that it is impossible.
  21. Apr 2, 2003 #20
    One may hide the knowelge for many reasons. Knowlege is not knowlege until it becomes a realization otherwise it becomes an object to ones existance. One becomes like a kid playing with matches and does not understand all the repercussions. Many people hear things and learn things, but that is parroting and for the most part not a realization. That is why I do not post logic and often post just riddles. A riddle forces direct experience to understanding or it is viewed as nonsense.

    Real knowlege is power. It is a rush of experience you will not soon forget. It can neither be given or taken. It exists in itself of itself and is unchangable. It is an awsome rush. It exists in accordance with physics and not against it. It is the potential of all people and is there for the experiencing.
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