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Soda can won't stop bubbling

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    I cracked open a can of Dr. Pepper today and it immediately started bubbling, despite being still for over minutes. It didn't overflow, just bubbled within the rim of the can. This continued for over a minute, and then the bubbling calmed down, but didn't cease. The liquid was still moving within the can. I poured it out and nothing looked abnormal, although it dissipated oddly on the sink (maybe that's the norm with soda, I wouldn't know).

    I got another can, washed it, let it sit, and opened it. The exact same thing happened, except the bubbling was less severe. I poured that one out too because I'm scared to drink it. What should I do? I still have a lot of cans left in the box.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Crack open a fresh can and enjoy!

    The bubbling is the carbon dioxide (CO2) escaping from the liquid. It's perfectly normal. (Unless you're not referring to the normally bubbling of soda, but something else)
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    Whether it starts bubbling depends not only on whether it was still, but also on the temperature of the drink (and to some extent of the surroundings), and on the ambient pressure.
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    The solubility of gasses decreases with temperature, so if you open the sodas when they are warm, you will see a lot more carbon dioxide bubbling out from the sodas than if you open them after they have been refrigerated.
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    I know that this sounds odd, but squeeze the can hard before you open it.
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