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Soda with melted ice

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    We've all had this problem... had soda sitting around... drinking it slowely... and all the ice melts and now it tastes crappy because of the water. Is there anyway to extract the water from it without ruining the soda lol.
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    you can buy plastic cubes that freeze :wink:
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    Yes, distillation would work but one of the reasons it tastes bad is because it is no longer carbonated.
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    That's the main reason, and there's a cure for it. Get one of those seltzer makers--the kind that takes a CO2 cartridge. You can also use it to make cheap sodas by carbonating sweet flavored water.
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    Buy some dry ice and plop it in if you are that desperate
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    I dont think plopping CO2 in the soda would make it carbonated enough. Sodas are bottled under 5 atm of pressure so that the CO2 will be more soluble in water.
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    sit in a < 0C room
    Don't forget your coat

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