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Sodium ion excitation

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    Is it possible to excite the sodium ion in the brain with photon from electromagnetic radiation to create a yellow glow like the sodium-vapor lamp here? Please bear with me, I'm bad with Chemistry
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    I will definitely help you, provided you tell me what exactly is that you want to know. Do you want to see a yellow glow coming from the brain, or do you want to know if it is possible?
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    Right I want to see a yellow glow coming from the brain
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    I will help you as long as you promise not to do this to me. :nb):-p

    So to actually "see" yellow light out of the brain, all you require is sufficiently large no of sodium ions. Sodium ion anywhere is the same. So if a sodium ion in a vapor lamp will give this, the sodium ion in our brain will too. But if the concentration of the ions is very less, then though the excitation happens, it may not be visible.

    In addition, the light will also depend on the frequency of radiation you use. We have seen a yellow flame appearing from sodium in our labs using a Bunsen burner, but that is probably just the right "amount" of heat. Too less heat, and you wont see anything because the excitation of electron is not sufficient to release a photon whose wavelength corresponds to that of visible light. Same problem with a very high temperature.
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