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Sodium Nitrate

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    Hi All!

    Am new to the forums, have been reading for a good while but thought I'd actually register and post something!

    I've been reading a lot about food safety lately and just cannot seem to get my head around how this chemical Sodium Nitrate is actually allowed in food products at all!

    From all I've read online it seems pretty obvious that this chemical produces cancer.

    It has me a bit freaked out to be honest that I've eaten so much food that contains this. I'm probably being paranoid though. I mean the doses they put in the food must be fairly small no?

    Hoping for a good discussion!
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    Another God

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    Hi Meejo and welcome to the forums!

    I haven't read anything on Sodium Nitrate myself, so how about some references to where you got the information on it from? how do you know it causes cancer? What foods contain it?
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    This might help you out:
    http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/nutrition/DJ0974.html [Broken]

    You more likely meant sodium nitrite.
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