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Sodium potassium barrier

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    Is there a way to measure the amount of voltage used when transmitting from the blood brain barrier to a particular muscle outside of the skin or is the dermis too thick?
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    thanks in advance for your input.
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    Hmm, I am by no means knowledgeable in matters of biology, but it seems to me you are somewhat confused about at least the terminology, if not the functionality.
    The blood-brain barrier has no direct relation to nerve signal transmission. Its function is to essentially be a screen for molecules that have no business being in the brain.
    The dermis is just a fancy name for skin. It also has nothing to do with receiving muscle signals; those signals, as should be probably obvious, terminate in the muscle they are supposed to actuate.

    Now, if your *actual* question is "how can you measure the voltage difference between the brain origin of the signal, and its terminus in the muscle, the simple answer is: electrodes.

    If the question is, can you detect a nerve signal from outside the body, there's a lot of variables involved. Maybe a question better asked in a biology forum.
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    I wish to measure the voltage terminating at the muscle from outside the skin.
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    In contact with the skin, or not?
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    I've moved this to the biology forum from General Physics, as it seems like it may require more assistance from our biology-knowledgeable members.
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