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Soft Drink Titration

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    Hey :)

    Im helping somebody out with a titration she is doing in her chemistry class. The aim is to determine the citric acid content in a soft drink (probably Sprite or 7up).

    Based on some reading i've done, it seems like a pretty straightforward process, however there is something i'd like to check with you guys. Since soft drinks generally also contain carbonic acid, it will be necessary to first remove it from the mixture. The only method i can think of to remove the carbonic acid is to leave the drink in an open container sitting in a warm environment while the acid decomposes and the carbon dioxide escapes.

    Is there a more effective way to remove it?

    Thanks in advance,
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    No simple ideas here. You can speed up the process by adding some known amount of strong, mineral acid, and then titrating the mixture (as you know amount of added acid you can just subtract it from the final result), but that always means lower accuracy.

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