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B Soft spacesuits

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    I wonder whether the concept of non rigid spacesuit can be realistic in near future?
    Could they offer enough protection from hazards like radiation and micrometeors too? If not enough, could we solve theese issues with additional layer of flexible materials, kevlar, heavy water bags?
    I read that low atomic number materials actually offer more protection from protons, alpha particles, and theese heavier particles can be the most dangerous to humans, if they reach the flesh.
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    Yes, but you are not likely to find many alpha particles in orbit. They don't travel far from the source before gaining free electrons and becoming stable helium atoms.
    Protons are common in the region outside the Earths magnetic field ... they get trapped by the magnet field and result in the aurorae.
    But they are not so common in low earth orbit because of that.
    X-rays, Gamma rays and your mentioned micro-meteroids would be the biggest hazards. All 3 require dense materials to stop them

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