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Soft x-rays

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    Okay, the question I'm suppose to answer is:

    If the attenuation coefficent of Al is 1.73/cm for soft-xrays, what percentage of X-rays penetrate a piece of lead 3.00mm in thickness

    What I seem to have is

    I = Io*e^(-ux)

    I believe u = 1.73/cm and x = 3.00mm.

    My 3 questions are:

    1) Am I going in the correct direction?
    2) How do I determine what Io be? (soft x-rays?)
    3) Can someone point me to the FAQ for the equation editor?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    You're asked for a "percentage" ... that is, what fraction of those impinging ...
    which is : I(at depth)/I(at zero depth) , so the Io cancels out.

    ps. the format is [ tek ] ... and [ /tek ] , without the spaces .
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    Well, now I feel really stupid...

    Thanks :)
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