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Software engineering books for beginners

  1. Sep 25, 2012 #1
    My last attempt at getting some career guidance was not quite successful but i am sure this thread will actually have replies!!!

    I am about to start my masters in information technology which mostly deals with software engineering, so i was just wondering if i can get ahead of my studies by taking some help from some books or tutorials(preferably being online and free:biggrin:) that can help me learn this subject quickly so i can find a job easily...,because of the fact that i am complete beginner to this field i am not sure if i should study independently along with what the university is teaching me or just simply skip the independent studies and go with the university so i need some honest advice for that as well.

    I am also posting a link to the course outline of the programme so users can see whether the material will be enough or i will have to do some work on my own as well to establish a firm grasp on the subject.


    I will be looking forward to a quick reply:smile:
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