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Software for pipe work design

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    What are some usefull softwares to use for pipe work design? Are there any softwares where you can select material? Can design to specific standards?
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    Most cost quite a bit of money. I think Google Sketchup has a pipe design app. Not sure though.
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    If you work in the realm of AutoCAD/BIM, consider pairing Intergraph's CADWorx (for routing) and CAESAR II (pipe stress analysis) or Bentley's AutoPLANT + Piping (for routing) and AutoPIPE (for stress analysis). In hospital design, I remember having to download lots of object enablers for either CADduct/MEP (MAP Software) or TSI (Technical Sales International). It seems like the mechanical piping and duct contractors had a preference for using them.

    If you are doing compact, custom routings SolidWorks/Inventor/SolidEdge/ProE might be of more use.
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    Also, for fluid flow in piping systems with pumps and tanks (and whatever else, really): AFT Fathom (Arrow for air) is pretty useful.
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