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Software kills people

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    without the constant pressure of upgrade much of the following would not be

    http://www.svtc.org/cleancc/pubs/photos.htm [Broken]

    Woman about to smash a cathode ray tube from a computer monitor in order to remove the copper laden yoke at the end of the funnel. The glass is laden with lead but the biggest hazard from this is the inhalation of the highly toxic phosphor dust coating inside. Monitor glass is later dumped in irrigation canals and along the river where it leaches lead into the groundwater. The groundwater in Guiyu is completely contaminated to the point where fresh water is trucked in constantly for drinking purposes. Guiyu, China. December 2001. Copyright Basel Action Network

    Open burning of plastic encased metal printer and motor parts. Open burning of plastics and other material is common in order to reduce the waste to metals. Guiyu, China. December 2001. Copyright Basel Action Network.

    Laborer heating aqua regia -- a mixture of 5% pure nitric acid and 75% pure hydrochloric acid -- a mixture that will dissolve gold. Without any resiratory protection workers inhale acid fumes, chlorine and sulphur dioxide gas all day as they swirl computer chips removed from circuit boards in acid to collect tiny amounts of gold. The sludges from the process are dumped directly into the river. Guiyu, China. December 2001. Copyright Basel Action Network. "
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    High tech always has these problems. Trains and Cars killed people (still do!) who don't understand them or can't keep their wits about them. The publication of these cases in China will help to educate the rural population.
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    That doesn't really have anything to do with software, but it was interesting non-the-less.
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    software is conceptual and mathmatic, technology is the culprit. what about that Colorado nuke facility, was it TRW that dumped nuke waste (nuke u lar, its pronounced nuke u lar) and the govt shut it down; now the govt wants to make the area a park in a couple of years?

    or you could say not following safety precautions kills people, and thats a real problem that cannot be over stated.

    but you take a risk getting out of bed, crossing the street, or sticking your face in a fan.
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