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Aerospace *software needed*

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    I need a software for designing airfoil that alows changing the choard size and printing. If you know any please tell me.
    Btw do you know any refrence for low Reynolds number (about 50000)?
    I wanna choose NACA7610 for my glider but I don't know exactly how it behaves at low Reynolds number. PLEASE HELP
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    Most drawing progams will allow you to draw an airfoil and change the chord size and then print the result. I'm not sure what you're asking here.

    I'm also not sure that 50000 is a low Reynold's number, that seems to be very definitely in the turbulent region.
    Laminar 0>Re>3000
    Transition 3000>Re>4000
    Turbulent Re>4000

    If you need CFD software, there is an opensource software called openfoam, but it only runs on Linux. Check wikipedia for other CFD software links.
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    These Re numbers are generally true for pipe flow. Do you have any sources saying they are also true for airfoil sections? I would like to see this if you have it.
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    nope, no sources. What you say is true, thanks for pointing that out, do you have anything useful for the OP?
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    you may use designfoil software which is freely available by searching google
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    He could try xfoil.
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    I downloaded xfoil but I can't open it:frown:
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    A professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign lists several resources on his page:


    His list includes XFOIL, as already mentioned by Cyrus.
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    helo cyrus,check this link
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    There is nothing in those articles that ties the typical piping Reynolds numbers to airfoil usage.
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    XFLR5 and profili is also good software where we could analyse more different aerofoils
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    I've said this before, but it is fairly easy to write a vortex panel program in Matlab to calculate lift coefficients. Anderson's aerodynamics book covers this stuff in detail.
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    IF you can afford the $1900 price tag.
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