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Software to code for guitar sound

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    Hi, I have downloaded a software to code for guitar sound, it's great, sounds cool but I don't know anything about guitar notes. Do you have any tutorials for aguitar newbie?
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    There should be lots of good tutorials on the net if you search for them, or if you want to go the lazy way most books for guitar are written in tab anyway so you don't have to learn. I take it your just starting so you might want to check out this site

    www.cyberfret.com good for beginner technique and stuff like that.

    http://www.daddydoodle.com/frets.gif this has the notes on the neck of the guitar

    http://www.musictheory.halifax.ns.ca/lessons.html [Broken] This has some lessons on theory you can access for free if you scroll down.

    I found those sites with a quick google search, there are many more out there if you just take the time to look for the good ones. Good luck and have fun.
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