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Software to simulate graphs?

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    ¿Software to simulate graphs?

    Is there an alternative to matlab for simulating equations,

    I am looking for a way of getting some intuition for some Convection Diffusion Equation. I would like to play around with it, simulate it, change its IC/BCs, having some interactive graphs and stuff.
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    Re: ¿Software to simulate graphs?

    There are many choices.

    There is python and the matplotlib (2D mostly).
    There is octave/gnuplot combination
    There is freemat (intended to be a free a-la-matlab environment)
    Possibly Scilab...have not used it, but have heard good things about it.
    and a few other choices that are ready to download in my Ubuntu machine: Euler, Maxima, etc. (just go to software downloads and filter for Scientific or Educational software).

    these are all free (as in gratis) choices...I presume that's what you were looking for.
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