Soil nutrient detection

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Relationships of soil nutrients to other variables for the detection and measurement of soio nutrients
Good day, I would just like to ask if there are certain relationships of soil nutrients to other variables so that it can be easily detected and measured. I have searched the internet for a soil nutrient sensor but i couldn't find anything. If you have any other methods for soil nutrient detection that can be automated please share. It would really help with my thesis. Thank you very much.

jim mcnamara

Your question is really vague. an offhand example of relationships:
Soil particle distributions and pH can tell you about Cation Exchange Capacity.

Tell us EXACTLY what you need. In general you are going to need an inexpensive field test kit if you need tests for N, P, or K. Ex: Handheld pH meters with probes are inexpensive as well. So if I knew what you need I could direct you.

Lateritic soils are common where you seem to be located.

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