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Solar Corona Luminosity

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    I've been trying to find out what's the curve for the solar corona luminosity vs distance like.
    I know that the corona can be practically observed up to 4 solar radii. I also found out that the curve is more or less exponential but I need the actuall equation of the curve.

    Can anyone help me??????
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    Judging by that figure I assume that the difference in temperature (from the lowest to the highest value) for the corona is about 1 500 000 K (more or less), which means that the lowest value must be multiplied by 10 to reach the highest.
    So, based on the equation that relates temperature and luminosity [L=4π(R^2)σ(T^4)] I guess the difference in luminosity (from the lowest to the highest value) can be found if we multiply the lowest values by 10^4.

    Am I right?
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