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Solar corona photography

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    I want to photograph the solar corona and I don't know what type of ccd camera I need to purchase.

    Can anyone please help me?
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    It isn't about the camera, it is about the telescope and filters you use. Coronado scopes are designed for viewing/imaging the sun: http://www.coronadofilters.com/

    For the corona, I believe you will need to do your own installation of an object in the imaging train to block the light from the sun. That may be tricky and will probably require a scope with tracking.
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    I only saw your reply yesterday russ_watters (Being Greek sometimes gives you the advantage of long summer vacation... :tongue2: )
    You see the thing is that I had the task of building a coronagraph for a specific telescope.
    I've checked the diameter of my occulting disk and all, and it seems that the coronagraph could work. The problem is that I must find a camera to take some images using my coronagraph and I have no idea what kind of camera is suitable.
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