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Solar energy

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    I saw on TV a while ago a program that explored some of the possible ways in which cars could be powered in the future. One of these was particularly interesting. It involved using a special powerful light that is surrounded by solar panels. The light given off is used by the panels to produce electricity to make the car run but some of the power produced is used to make the light work and the cycle continues.

    I wondered is anyone else has heard of this invention and knows what has happened to it because to me it sounds like a very promising invention and I am surprised that I have not heared more about it since.
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    Unless there is some external power source, that concept would violate the second law of thermodynamics.

    You cannot power a light with power from a light, anymore than you can lift yourself up to the ceiling by pulling on your tie.
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    Jack, thats yet another perpetual motion hoax. The original is the self-powered water wheel. The water wheel powers a pump which carries water from the bottom of the wheel back to the top, driving the wheel, powering the pump.... It doesn't work and CAN'T work because of what enigma said. Virtually all other perpetual motion hoaxes are a variation on the water wheel.
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    last time i do a assignment about the solar power....
    even the the sun light we still cannot majority tranfer it to the energy ...that mean the techenic to using the solar power is still need to improve a lot
    and what russ_watters and enigma said is right
    i heard some of the energy now is also famous.... fuel cell
    did you know it??
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