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Solar Flares

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    Could someone explain to me how solar flares occur? How do high incidence of solar flares on the sun's surface affect the Earth? I know tele-communications are affected during a solar storm. What are the possible consequences if the frequency of such solar winds are high?

    Also, any useful links on this topic would be highly appreciated :smile:
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    Here's a good page from the people who run the SOHO solar observatory:


    Flares can eject large masses of protons (ionized hydrogen atoms) toward the Earth. They interact with the magnetic field of the earth, and their movements create large amounts of interference -- broadband, high-amplitude electromagnetic noise. In addition, they strike satellites, penetrating into their microchips and memories, sometimes damaging the chips permanently.
    A high frequency of dead satellites, thus an economic problem.

    - Warren
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    In a solar mass ejection, every long conductor on Earth is susceptible to induced high currents. This includes not only power transmission lines, but also pipelines, railroad tracks, etc.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!
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