Solar Inflow events

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    Is there an explanation for the observations of streams of gas/plasma flowing into the sun? SOHO has observed a number of these inflowing events, travelling against the predominant direction of the solar wind, I think a good few thousand have been logged since they were originally seen a few years ago, and I'm curious as to what the possible explanations for this are. I thought that the sun gave out a solar wind, but did not take one in as well.

    Damn! I cant provide links. I need 15 posts or more. Thats highly annoying, anyway... just google "Naval Research: The Sun - Inflows" and it should pop up, along with other pages.

    Can we deduce that the suns charge is pulling them in? Or is it more complex than that? I'm no expert on this sort of thing, hopefully someone here can give an explanation... seems like quite an enigmatic observation...
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    There have always been transonic inflows suspected and used to describe accretion in binary stars. It was a surprise for a single star but is generally attributed to magnetic field lines dragging gas back into the star.
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