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Solar Neutrino Question

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    I was reading about the South Dakota Homestake Solar Neutrino detector and I have a question?

    What I am getting from reading about it is that, they detect solar neutrinos by looking for a neutrinos interaction with a (Cl) nucleus to make a radioactive (Ar) Nucleus.

    (Ar) is one atomic number higher than (Cl), so how can the neutrino impact create the proton to make (Cl) into (Ar)?

    Can the Neutrino's impact with the (Cl) nucleus make one of its neutrons gain a charge, making an (Ar) nucleus?
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    It's an inverse beta decay, neutrino + proton -> neutron + positron
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    I looked up inverse beta decay http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1363128

    And a neutron and a neutrino create a proton and electron. So I see how the (Cl) nucleus can become an (Ar) nucleus through this process. Awesome help thanks.
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