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Electrical Solar panel DIY

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    I am currently building DIY solar panel.I have a problem regarding the build up of the panel.
    My question is can I attach the cells on to a normal transperant glass of about 5mm thick by a transperant silicon? My concern is if the cell will break or not, by the outer environment .

    Thankyou in advanced
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    What type of cells?
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    The cells are monocrystaline and they are very fragile.
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    The cells will need some protection and they need to be located firmly.
    There are numerous videos of people constructing their own panels.
    A Goggle search of video using "connecting DIY PV cells tabbing" opens up a whole vista of practical ideas including how to encapsulate the panel you've made.

    From what I can see, it's a long and fiddly job!
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