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Solar Parabolic Trough

  1. Apr 21, 2008 #1
    Hi to everyone

    I wonder if someone knows how can i compute the total reflected solar radiation from a parabolic trough aperture area to the focal point, if we know the geometry of the parabolic trough the reflector coefficiency of the mirror and the amount of solar irradiation that is incident on the concentrator in a direction parallel to the central plane of the parabola. I would appreciate very much if someone could help me because i need this information in order to complete an essay that i'm working on.

    Relevant books, software or web sites are welcome.

    Thanx everyone in advance
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    Look up 'insolation'. It's the amount of solar radiation per unit area per unit time. It's a function of latitude, time of day, etc...even altitude. Try average insolation as well.
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    Thanx Phrak
    I've already found a lot of things about the amount of incident solar radiation. What I am asking is a procedure to calculate the radiation transfer between a parabolic mirror and its focal point, if iknow the insolation and the reflection of the mirror.

    Thank u
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