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solar power ideas-help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi i have a idea that i will use the solar panel to made a power source station to provide electricity with a variable voltage output. can you give me some ideas or suggestions about that i dea!!!!!!!!11
any idea would be great!
thanks you for getting time read my article!
<let help save the world by using the solar power, old but good!>
you have a good day!


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You'll have to be a bit more specific about your intention. For anything on a large scale, you pretty much have to go with generating steam by solar power and driving a turbine. The cost and surface area requirements for photovoltaic cells are way too restrictive for anything bigger than a fairly modest home. There are new developments all the time, though, so keep checking for a breakthrough somewhere. Remember also that cells will only generate DC, so you'd need inverter circuitry to provide AC from them.

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