Solar powered car

  1. I have to build a solar powered car that will either a) travel a distance of 10 meters in the least time . or b) climb a meter on the stepest ramp possible. I am not sure which one would be easier to accomplish or what materials to use. I am also wondering how exactly i am going to build this thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. I'd go with the ten meters in fastest time bit. Have you been provided materials by your instructor, and do you have specific guidlines you have to abide by?
  4. well we are provided with 8 2.5cm x 7.5cm solar cells and a motor, but we are free to use any materials we like and the car does not have any size limitations, there are so many options so i just don't quite know what would work best!
  5. I'll ask around about standard gear ratios, but your best option on the car would be to string the solar panels in a line taking up the least area possible on a board of the thinnest balsa wood you can find. Reducing the total mass will increase your speed.

    Are you provided gears with which to operate the wheels? Do a little research on what type of gear ratio would be best (make the wheels go fastest, etc.).
  6. No, we aren't provided with any gears, but i will do some reasearch to see what would work best, thankyou for your help!
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