Solar strings and tachyons.

I've been looking into the possibility that "Solar Activity", flares, coronal mass ejections, magnetic fields, sunspots, coronal heating, etc, involve what might be called tachyonic states (I personally don't care for that name) with very long (by atomic standards) wavelengths. But I've also found a connection with string theory. It seems that the larger loops, such as the ones seen in this picture are of quite constant cross section, whiile the current Solar theory of "magnetic reconnection" predicts that they should vary in cross section. [Broken]

The larger loops also contain magnetic fields. I think that the larger loops can be represented by tachyonic states which are "chasing their tails" around the body of the larger loops. The cross section of the loops is determined by the wavelenght of the states, and through spontaneous symmetry breaking, similar to that in ferromagnetism, the magnetic fields are produced.

But, it turns out, the tachyon chasing its tail is the same as the "fundamental loop" in string theory.

I feel strongly that theory should stick as close to experiment as it possibly can, and this may give the string theorists a real laboratory to check out their ideas. Perhaps they should look into "low momentum physics", which is what physics with longwave tachyons is, as a testing ground for their ideas.
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