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Solar/Sun and my questions

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    1. The Sun is burning really angrily, but could you please tell me why it stands still year after year without moving around like our earth or many other planets?

    2. Why do people nowadays try to do many researches on it ? What can it tell us if we could discover something on the Surface or able to take anything material emitted from it? Is there anything relating to our Earth history ?

    3. The Sun has come into existence for many many years (I am sorry I also actually don't know how long), but why is it still not getting cool ? How many years later will it get cold ?

    4. The Sun also has its own "attracting" force, how can we compare it with Earth gravity ?

    Thank you very much
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    http://www.astro.uva.nl/demo/sun/kaft.htm [Broken]

    this is a good site to learn about the sun.
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