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Solar System Compass Rule

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    I came across a site where a claim is made that the orbital periods and other such phenomena pertaining to the planets follow a compass point rule, ie. when translated to a compass type grid they adhere closely to the 8 main points of the compass, and that this only works when the periods etc are expressed in Earth days. The author offers an award of £5000 to anyone who can explain why his rule works or show it occurs by chance, and claims to have an astrophysicist as a referee. I would be interested in what the knowledgeable people on this forum make of his claims.

    http://solarsystemcode.org/home.html" [Broken]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Where does one apply for the reward?
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    D H

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    I especially liked the REFEREE'S REPORT. Signed by the reviewer, with a CV on the second page. :rofl:
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