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Solar System Vortex Motion?

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Physics Forum, so this is my first post. I heard somewhere that the Sun moves through space at a certain velocity. If that is true, then wouldn't the Solar System be a system of vortex motion, and not simply gravity being a centripetal force holding the planets towards the center? I know that vortex motion creates a pressure that keeps the outside particles going towards the center, so isn't that what the solar system is instead of a simple gravitational centripetal force?
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    The planets have the same angular velocity around the galaxy as the sun, so the sun's velocity does not much effect the planets.

    Vortexes for because there is something to vortex. Space isn't like water circling a drain, for all practical purposes, space is empty. Vortex forces are frictional forces, and there is no friction in space.
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