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Solar System

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    Why is the solar system the way it is?
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=3588 [Broken]
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    i have tried it on google but i didn't get the satisfactory answer
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    You'll need to ask a more specific question, because that's at best a philosophical question as vaguely posed as it is.
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    Sorry!! I am not able to understand the sense of the reply made by you
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    That seems fair, since we don't understand the question asked by you, but let me try it another way.

    You have asked a question that would require several textbooks to answer fully.

    We do not write textbooks as answers to questions on this forum

    You need to get a good textbook on cosmology and read it.

    AFTER you have read it, if you have specific questions, come to this forum and ask them.
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    ok thank you! I will try it .
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