Solar System

  1. Why is the solar system the way it is?
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  3. i have tried it on google but i didn't get the satisfactory answer
  4. russ_watters

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    You'll need to ask a more specific question, because that's at best a philosophical question as vaguely posed as it is.
  5. Sorry!! I am not able to understand the sense of the reply made by you
  6. That seems fair, since we don't understand the question asked by you, but let me try it another way.

    You have asked a question that would require several textbooks to answer fully.

    We do not write textbooks as answers to questions on this forum

    You need to get a good textbook on cosmology and read it.

    AFTER you have read it, if you have specific questions, come to this forum and ask them.
  7. ok thank you! I will try it .
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