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Solar Wind

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    Solar Wind is charged plasma ejected from the sun at 400km/s to 750km/s and even as fast as 1000km/s during Solar Flares. It has a 27 day cycle and even can decrease 98% at sparse happenings. It carries a magnetic field with it. It is strong enough to interact with the planets and their magnetic fields to shape magnetospheres, earth's effect from this plasma. The magnetosphere is shaped like a sphere in the upper atmosphere around where the atmosphere faces the sun and has a tail away from the earth.
    The solar wind blasts the planet at supersonic speeds producing a bow shock. The sun also has a magnetosphere from the intersteller winds.

    My question is can someone estimate the varying magnitude of the magnetic field associated with the Solar Wind.
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    NASA's ACE spacecraft makes measurements of the magnetic field in the solar wind.

    http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ace/ace_rtsw_data.html [Broken]

    See also -


    Code (Text):
    Parameter        Min  Ave  Max
    Flux (cm-2s-1)     1    3  100
    Velocity (km/s)  200  400  900
    Density (cm-3)   0.4  6.5  100
    Helium %          ~0    5   25
    B (nT)           0.2    6   80
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