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Solar Winds, Space-Aged Propulsion & Plasma Beams?

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    Solar Winds, Space-Aged Propulsion & Plasma Beams???

    Hi there I'm educated the field of electrical systems & radio frequency, and I love reading about things like ion drives, hall effect thrusters and VASIMR. One thing I find quite fascinating is how the solar winds accelerate away from the sun. I think replicating this effect and harnessing the sun's winds will be critical to launching our civilization into a space-age... but that's just my uneducated opinion.

    I'm curious if other people here are as passionate about the subject as I am? Particularly I'd like to bounce some ideas around with someone who's maybe better educated to help further my understanding.

    Just a general question, do you think if we reflected as much energy as possible in a maser-beam like fashion down the exhaust of VASIMR, that it would be able accelerate the plasma impulse past the magnetic nozzle? Perhaps longer duration engine burns might be able to grow in efficiency? Maybe they're already trying something like this???

    Anyhoo, that's all I got for now, if anybody has any good reads for me outside of wikipedia I'm always curious to learn more.
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