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Soldering/Testing Transistors

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    I was using that diode/transistor testing thingy on my multimeter to verify two transistors I accidentally cooked in a circuit. I used some de-soldering wick. To my surprise, both still seem to work, but the circuit does not. What else might go horribly wrong when soldering? And is that a reliable way to test them?

    I tested one in circuit, but it passed (I think this is okay given the wiring at present).

    Thanks again!
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    That depends. There are many characteristics of a transistor that a multimeter won't check. But it's possible that other components in the circuit are damaged and that's why it's not working.
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    While the above is true, simple transistors removed from a circuit, should test go/nogo, if you know the type and insert them correctly. The possibility that supporting components are bad while the transistors themselves are OK, would be indication of a well designed circuit. I would check each circuit back to the power source.
    You don't discuss the type of circuit, which make it difficult to go further.
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