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Solenoids anyone?

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    I am trying to get a 24 V.D.C. solenoid to activate. I have a 24 V DC 600mA power adapter, a 5 VDC relay switch and an arduino. I have very little electronic engineering experience. im taking an electronic art class in school, and im trying to do a little work over the weekend. Can anyone help?
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    You want to switch on the solenoid using the relay from the arduino? Do you know how to program arduino?
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    Kind of. im learning how to in my class
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    Do you have any ideas? I can take photos of the gear that I have to make it more clear of what im trying to do.
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    You just need to output 5V from the arduino digital pin (by programming). Then use that 5V to provide current to the base of a transistor; so that the transistor will switch the relay. Finally the relay will switch your solenoid.
    It would be much better if you tell us exactly what you are trying to achieve; I mean the overall project overview.
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    If you don't really want to get your hands too dirty with all this electronics stuff then why not look on all the hundreds of Arduino support forums? Someone will surly have a circuit ready designed for you. It must be a very common requirement. They will help with pin connections and actual component values - can't be bad.
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    You have a "24 VDC solenoid" and a "24 VDC 600 mA power adapter".

    Do you know if 600 mA is enough current to actuate the solenoid? The power adapter may not have sufficient capacity.
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