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Solid Angle

  1. Jan 31, 2010 #1
    I guess people who know can help. I know that the final formula should look like this:

    (OMEGA) = 4tan^(-1) [(e)/n(1+e^2+n^2)^(0.5)] , where e=W/L, n=2z/L

    I started with D(omega) = dAcos(theta)

    cos (theta) = z/p

    then i did a bunch of integration, but i can't get the same final answer. Please someone help. Just need to understand how to do this.
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    This looks like a math question, not physics. It would help if you would explicitly define your terms: W, L, z theta, p. I'll presume OMEGA is solid angle of something. What is the figure you are talking about?

    Above is not clear.
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