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Solid,liquid,gas,plasma states explained!

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    In oder for atoms to become a solid they have to get closer to eachother,to become a solid,as they are forced away from one another they become liquids,farther they become gas,and when thet become plasma the atoms kick the electrons out of there shell and wpn't let them rebond.this can be explained quit simply.the atoms as they get hotter to become a gas,or colder to become a solid,change there eloectromagnetiuc field strengths.the hotter they get to less their positive field is and the more their negative field becomes.so the outer electron repel against the surrounding atoms electron thus forcing them apart creating gases,as they are super heated the negative field of the neutron,or the lessing positive field of the proton is not enough to keep the electrons in orbit.on the down side,as the electrons fields decrease as the atoms get colder,the negative field of the electrons reduce allowing the atoms to get closer to eachother thus giving it thye ability to become a solid,be this hypothesis i believe one can deduce that absolute zero can't be achieved.when the atoms electrons field becomes to small,even though the positive field of the proton increases to keep the electrons in orbit,if the electrons fields becomes zero the and if the neutrons have a negative field giving it the ability to bond with the proton,with a 2 positive to one negative in the nucleus with the one electron to make it neutral,the atoms would fly apart,and that can't happen,so the two fields of the atoms increase and decrease do to heat or cold changing the fields either way,to makes matter be a solid,liquid,gas or plasma!
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    Solid: molecules are joined together.

    Liquid: molecules are not joined together.

    Gas: same as liquid but at a higher energy state.

    Plasma: take one cup of gas, and add charge.
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    so what you saying is that if you but water as a liquid in metal can and heat it,when the can explodes when it became a gas,is not do to the increased repulsion of the electrons relavent to each other,how else is pressure created then,if not this way,the repel eachother away from one another creating gas pressure,you dont bother me with you stupid ideas if you cant disprove mine!!!!1
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    According to Quantum theory infinity does not consist of absolute nothing but, it does have a minimum energy level. As energy has force and force requires a force carrier, it is not difficult to propose an alternative to the BB that is both practical and believable. I use to have one posted on the web and intend to replace soon.
    It is worth remembering that the ancient Greeks who gave us the atom also thought that infinity was a place of storms and the universe was created out of one of these storm.
    A spiral of force carrier with a wave (weather front) accross it looks remarkably like a hurricane weather chart. Now think about the possible velocities and activities of such a set up and the ancient begin to look quite modern.
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    I wasn't trying to disprove anything. Merely typing the simple version in coherent English.
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    O.K. sorry.I'm just saying that logically atoms have to have a force acting on them to create pressure between them as they get hotter,so they expand,and the force keeps them apart.so the negative field of the shells seems the most obvious choice.the greater the field the more they repel against each other,so heat energy is converted into negative electromagnetic charge,to increase the distance between the molecules,and could account for the natural distribution of molecules in the air,based of there overall negative charge as they interact with one another,which accounts for air pressure.does'nt mean its right but it sounds good.
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