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Solid State Hydrogen Storage

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    As part of my Intel Science Fair project "How to make Hydrogen a viable alliterative" I read that at 3,500,000 psi Hydrogen will become a "Solid" so that you can have more power in less space which will make the car much more efficient. I am doing this on a 1/10 scale. My question is what material can hold the Hydrogen at those levels, how do I create the "solid' and is my previous statements correct.

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    Pick a different project since there is no way you'll be able to accomplish what you're trying to do. In order to reach 3,500,000 PSI a diamond anvil cell is required and even 350,000 PSI would require one. On top of that even if you could produce the solid hydrogen there is no material capable of containing it and storing it in quantities that would make it useful as a vehicular fuel.

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    Well how did they accomplish it here?

    http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/hobby_rc.htm [Broken]

    Am I missing something?

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    They do not claim to solidify hydrogen at low temperature and high pressure.
    They use the term "solid" but it has a different meaning: the hydrogen is somehow absorbed in a solid lattice (made from a different material). Similar maybe to a gas trapped in the active filter of a gas mask.
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    How would one pump high pressure into an empty storage unit and keep it at low temperatures?

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    What's wrong with liquid hydrogen? I doubt the solid form is much denser, perhaps even less so (like water-ice).
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    How do you make something solid, on a 1/10 scale?
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