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Solid State in tight binding approximation, Brillouin zone, Fermi

  1. Jun 5, 2009 #1

    In few days, I have an examination, and I still have some dark zone in my head! If somebody could help me by giving me some advices/answers/way of reflexion/books to consult, it could be very great!

    Here is my questions:
    How to determine energy levels and wavefunction of the localized electronic states on
    the defect for a periodic lattice?

    Electrons on a two dimensional square lattice in tight-binding approximation
    -how to obtain band structure?
    -how to obtain E(kx; ky) in the first Brillouin zone?
    -how to draw the Fermi surface with one and two electrons per site?
    -how to determine if it is a metal or insulator?

    Thank's a lot

    (I'm sorry, but I'm not English speaker, so mistakes are possible;))
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