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Solid State Solid state physics book

  1. Jan 19, 2016 #1
    I found Kittel very complicated and Ashcroft outdated. I want something rather new, written in a advanced but familiar manner.
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    You found Kittel complicated but want something written in an advanced manner? That seems rather contradictory - Kittel is meant to be one of the more elementary level texts in the field. I personally dislike Kittel as well though - he doesn't explain a lot of concepts very well, and uses very sloppy mathematics at times.
    Condensed Matter Physics by Marder seems to be a pretty good book.
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    Hm, I always thought that Ashcroft&Mermin is one of the best solid-state textbooks on the market and, as any good textbook, surprisingly up-to-date although written a while ago, but I'm not a solid-state physicist myself.
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    Friends, can you suggest for some new authors.
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